Ask us a silly question!

Ask us a silly question!

That’s right, this week is ask a silly question week! 🤪

Why write about this? 🤔

Well, we love receiving your questions at Inspired Health. 🙃

This is because we really want to help you and we also know that when we ask questions, we are committed to training our nervous system to be more resourceful and work better for longer.  🙆‍♂️

We want to help you find the answers to your questions this week. Despite the title, there are no really silly questions! 😆

Here are some questions we receive regularly from our clients, and the answer:

What is the popping sound that occurs when a chiropractor performs a chiropractic adjustment?

Popping noises are very normal in chiropractic adjustments. They are caused by small pockets of air or bubbles inside the fluid that surrounds your joints. When joint tissues are stretched during a chiropractic adjustment, the pockets of air are moved, creating that popping sound 💥 that you hear. It’s basically a release of air or pressure, so it’s nothing to worry about. Just like popping your knuckles.

Does it hurt to have a chiropractic adjustment?

No! Chiropractic care shouldn’t hurt. We work to ensure we choose the techniques which are right for you based on your age, condition, medical history and your personal preference. Adjustments are powerful 💪, but extremely gentle and should never hurt.

How does chiropractic and massage work together?

The simplest difference between the two techniques is that chiropractic works on nerves and joints, while massage works on the muscles. In this way, the two go hand in hand to help you to feel and move better.

Why does it take more than once session to progress?

It can take several sessions to start to feel like you’re making progress with your care. This is because we are working to help your body re-train its own nervous system and change muscle memory so that you move in a way that promotes healing and no further injury.

It also takes time ⌛ to strengthen the joints and muscles and for healing and repair in the body, especially if you have been experiencing discomfort for a long time. You can support your care with good lifestyle choices, like exercise, a good diet, plenty of sleep, reducing stress and finding greater balance in your day to day life – all these good habits will help promote healing in your body.

We are committed to going on the journey with you to better health, and this is a process that takes some time.

We hope these answers helped you get a little more insight into what we do and how we can help you.

What’s your burning question? If you do have any other questions, please email us or give us a call on 01245 699152 and we will happy to answer them!

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