Psychotherapy & Counselling FAQs

Psychotherapy & Counselling FAQs


how long will i need it for?

This depends on your journey and this journey is led by you so you can stop or start whenever you wish.

How much will it cost?

This is worked about on a case by case basis and will be discussed with you in the initial free consultation.

i have had therapy before and it didn’t help

Therapy isn’t for everyone. Often we find that it may not have worked previously because the therapist and patient match wasn’t ideal, the type of therapy was different or it just wasn’t the right time so we may discuss this with you just to make sure that we have left no stone unturned if you are still suffering.

Is it confidential?

Yes. Details of your therapy are confidential between you and the therapist.

What are your therapist’s qualifications?

Our therapist is registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (M.B.A.C.P).

United Kingdom Register for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (UKRCP).

Our therapist has up to date ECRB checks and monthly Supervision.

Will I have to talk about my childhood?

Only if you want to. Many types of therapy available now work on your life today rather than working through issues of old.