Back Pain & Sciatica Treatment In Chelmsford

Get ‘back’ To The Life You Love

Mostly back pain will be due to nerve irritation related to inflammation from joint problems and muscle pain. At Inspired Health in Writtle, Chelmsford, we are experts in back pain treatment, and sciatica treatment.
Most people we look after have had lower back pain for years and often call it their normal pain. No pain is normal. It is your body’s way of telling you there is a problem. Firstly, we will assess your nerves, muscles and joints to diagnose the problem.

What We Treat

Pelvic Joint Pain

Pelvic (sacroiliac) joint pain is pain just below the base of the lower back. Most commonly nerves become irritated by irregular movements in the joints caused by sitting, standing, sleeping or working awkwardly for years. Patients most often report pain on sitting, driving and standing. We help by realigning the joints to reduce inflammation and thus nerve irritation, and help you to move freely and feel normal again.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is usually caused by misalignments of the lower back (facet) joints. They become restricted due to trauma, repetitive movements, tension or being in one posture for long periods of time. Pain is usually local to the central lower back and can be a dull ache and then shooting on movement. Muscles either side of the spine are usually very tender or can go into spasm. Again, we realigning the joints to reduce nerve irritation (from inflammation related to joint problems) and work to relax the muscles.


Disc problems are usually very painful and involve an associated leg or arm pain. Between each vertebra we have a disc which act as a shock absorber for the spine. Inside the disc is a fluid like substance that can start to leak and trap the nerve or stick to it. This is usually caused by small repetitive movements damaging the outside of the disc (which is usually pain free). Then there is another small incident followed by severe back pain often associated with very painful leg symptoms in 1 or both legs. Call us for more information regarding how you can heal quickly. On occasion we may contact your GP and recommend you to be referred for MRI scans should your symptoms appear complicated.


Sciatica is pain in the leg, buttock, calf or foot due to a problem affecting the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve which forms from nerves in the lower back and the pelvis. It travels through the buttocks and down the back of the thigh. It then splits at the knee to supply information to the back and side of the calf muscles and the outside and base of the foot. True sciatica comes from pressure anywhere along the path of this nerve from a muscle, joint or disc pressing on it. At Inspired Health Chiropractic we perform a thorough examination to find the cause of your pain and offer many gentle and effective types of treatment to help relieve your symptoms.


Can You Definitely Help Me?

We only take on patients we are confident we can help. We reassess your care regularly and if you are not improving as expected we will refer you for follow up testing or investigations.

I Have Arthritis So Can I Be Helped?

Many people we see have osteoarthritis. The other names for this are spondylosis, rusting up or wear and tear in the spine. We find that just because your spine is a bit rusty it doesn’t mean it needs to hurt. Often the pain comes from a lack of movement, so like a rusty car, with the right moving parts and with a good oil your body can work better for you.

I Have Had It For Years, Will I Get Better?

80% of our patients have had pain for many years and respond very well to Chiropractic care. Your body will always try and do it’s best to heal and we work with you to make sure our treatment and your lifestyle enable this to happen.

What If It Is Something That Chiropractic Care Cannot Help With?

When we assess you we take a thorough history as back pain can also be related to other conditions which Chiropractic Care cannot help with. We will let you know in your results session if we think you will need to be referred for further tests or scans.