Frozen Shoulder

I Just Want To Be Able To Lift My Arm!

Frozen shoulder is where the shoulder joint ligaments have started to stick to the bone causing the shoulder to lose is mobility. This condition is extremely restrictive and often very painful. Usually the cause is a trauma or fall involving the shoulder but there are many other reasons it develops. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and around the joint is a capsule which holds the joint together. The capsule is damaged and while trying to heal it lays down new material. Unfortunately, this material sticks to the bone stopping the shoulder moving. Mostly people are unable to lift the arm to the side or rotate it backwards. In order to help, we gently get the shoulder moving again and work on the surrounding muscles and joints to ensure the healing process can complete fully and naturally.


How Long Will It Take To Get Better?

This depends on the severity of the problem. It can take weeks to months to heal fully.

Ice Or Heat?

For frozen shoulder we recommend heat at first and the once the shoulder is moving better we recommend using ice.

Will I Get Exercises?

Yes, it is vital that you work at home to increase the shoulder flexibility and strength daily.

Will I Need Injections Or Surgery?

In most cases patients respond well to chiropractic care and massage. Should we feel that surgery or injections are necessary, we will contact your GP (with your consent) to help you receive the care you need.

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