Tennis Elbow

I Don’t Even Play Tennis!

Tennis elbow is inflammation of the forearm tendon where is it meets the bone. 

Tennis elbow is usually caused by small repetitive movements of the wrist or elbow, or a trauma to the area pulling the forearm muscles.

Chiropractic care helps by working on the damaged tendon and also ensure the elbow, shoulder, wrist and neck joints are working properly. If all these areas work well the tennis elbow will heal nicely.

We also can use Dry Needling (a form of acupuncture) to help the tendon heal. This does not hurt and often has lasting results.


Do I Have To Have Dry Needling?

No. We ensure that every type of care we offer you is something you feel happy and comfortable with.

Do I Have To Stop Playing Sport?

This depends on the sport and the frequency of playing and the severity of your problem. We often create your course of care to include you playing sport in order to ensure that your body works best for what you would like it to do.

I Have Golfers Elbow. Is This The Same?

Yes, this is when the tendons that flex the wrist and attach to the inside of the elbow are inflamed. The same care and techniques apply.

I Have Stress In My Life I Can’t Get Rid Of. Can You Help Me?

Changing the way your body works will have an impact on how your body feels when you are stressed so less pain can mean less of a burden when times are tough. For those who wish it we will recommend a therapist check to see if we can help you respond better in life to situations you may not be able to change.

Ice Or Heat?

Applying 10 minutes of ice to the elbow (not directly to the skin) will help reduce the inflammation around the tendon.

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