Muscle Spasm & Cramps

My Back Just Went Into Spasm!

Most commonly muscles do not just go into spasm for no reason. This is usually the way the body responds to nerve irritation. 

When the body senses that a nerve is being irritated the muscles tighten to stop movement in the area so as to prevent further irritation of the nerve. In order to with help this, we firstly relax the muscles and then realigning the joints to reduce nerve irritation and inflammation so the spasm doesn’t return. In our experience muscle spasm usually indicates a nerve or disc problem. We carry out a thorough examination on your nerves, muscles and joints to get to the underlying problem.

Emotional factors often accompany muscle spasm. For example, most patients we see are fearful of not being able to continue with life and work as they wish. Often prior to the problem they have worked too hard or had other life stresses and the body has responded with the ‘shut down’ approach. We work with you to ensure your work-life balance is healthy enough to enable you to do all the things you want to do.


I Can’t Stand, Sit Or Lay Down

Don’t worry. We have a lot of experience and can work with you to help your pain no matter how much you can move. Chiropractic care can be given in any position.

It Hurts A Lot And I Am Frightened About What You Will Do To Help?

Mostly we will use very gentle traction techniques and often Dry Needling (a form of acupuncture). These will not hurt. These techniques will often mean you can stand and sit more comfortably straight away.

Will I Need An X-Ray?

This is evaluated on a case by case basis but routinely most of the people that come to see us don’t need one. Should you be one of the people that do we can arrange this for you.

Will Massage Help?

Yes, in the long-term. In our experience, however, we usually have better results with care if realigning the joints to reduce nerve irritation from inflammation first. This means the muscles do not need to go into spasm and they do not need to protect the nerve anymore.

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