Headaches & Migraine

The Fog Has Lifted!

We love working with people who suffer with headaches and migraines as we really can help change your life!

Common Causes Of Headaches And Migraines

There are three areas which cause headaches and migraines that Chiropractic Care can help with; Irritation of the top 3 nerves in the neck, the muscle of the neck referring pain in to the head and neck joint stiffness.

How We Can Help

Most commonly neck joints get stuck and start to cause irritation of the nerves of the neck. The top 3 nerves go up to the head and if irritated can cause headaches and migraines. The muscles at the base of the skull can also (sometimes at the same time) refer pain to the head. By enabling the neck joints to move better, the area around the nerves is less inflamed which leads to a reduction in symptoms. Usually, headaches become less frequent, less painful and often go completely.

A Whole Body Approach

Often stress and tension are involved with headaches and migraines. We work with you to assess your life balance so that you can ensure that your body no longer responds physically to your emotional world.


I Have A Headache/Migraine, Should I Come?

As long as you can get to us safely, yes. Often we can help with symptom relief during an episode of pain.

What If Its Not Just Headaches?

Often people are scared when they have headaches that something more worrying is going on under the surface. In your new patient assessment, we ask questions and do tests to best ensure that the cases we take on are related to nerve irritation (due to inflammation from joint problems), muscle pain and joint dysfunction. If we are concerned about any other conditions, we will write to your GP with your consent.

Will You Pop My Neck?

When we use our hands there is often a pop which is air being released within the joint. With headache and migraine cases this technique can be suitable, but not always. If you do not like the idea, or it is not appropriate for your case, we have many other techniques to help relieve your symptoms.

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