Chiropractic Care

You are never too old for Care. We assess the eligibility for care on your diagnosis not your age. We have many gentle techniques available to help people become more flexible and have less pain even if there is some wear and tear.
This is evaluated on a case by case basis but routinely most of the people that come to see us don’t need one. Should you be one of the people that do, we can arrange this for you.
Sometimes we need pain medication while our bodies heal, this depends on the condition and levels of discomfort. Chiropractors are not licensed to prescribe medication but may recommend you see your GP for advice while you heal.
This depends on the activity and the diagnosis. We try not to affect you doing the things you love while you heal.
No. Chiropractic care shouldn’t hurt. We work to ensure we choose the techniques which are right for you based on your age, condition, medical history and your personal preference. We want Chiropractic and massage to be an enjoyable experience so we always welcome your feedback about your care. Adjustments are powerful, but extremely gentle and should never hurt.
The Children we see love having Chiropractic care. We often use gentle traction and massage techniques. Most often babies will sleep or laugh through their treatment.
Until we have examined you with cannot answer this. In most cases the people we see have had problems for years so usually they will need more than one session.
We give all our patients clear pricing in your results session.
Most people feel great after their first Chiropractic treatment. You can often feel achy like you have been to the gym. This is because the muscles are working more as the joints they are attached to are now moving further.
This depends on the problem. Most commonly for a new problem or nerve irritation (related to inflammation from joint problems) we recommend using Ice as it acts as an anti-inflammatory. If you aren’t sure give us a call!
Most of the time patients seeing us have already seen their GP for some pain management. It can be reassuring to visit your GP. With your consent we will often write to your GP to advise of our diagnosis and care plan.
Chiropractors specialise in looking after mainly nerve irritation (related to inflammation from joint problems); muscle pain; and joint pain. We will then work to strengthen correct and rehabilitate your spine. We use a technique call an ‘adjustment’ which involves using our hands to move joints back into position to reduce your pain.

In order to look after you, Chiropractors undergo 4 to 5 years of training at University level. 

They are trained in:

  • Biomechanics
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Radiology (taking and reading x-rays)
  • Diseases of all the major body parts
  • Orthopaedics(bone tests)
  • Neurology(nerve tests)
  • General diagnosis
  • Joint and muscle treatments
  • Massage techniques
  • Rehabilitation techniques for posture and muscle strength
We offer all our patients 2 phases of care initially. Phase 1 is for pain management and Phase 2 is for rehabilitation. There is an elective 3rd phase of care for those who would like to continue with some lifestyle management to prevent problems from returning.
Yes, all our patients are given home exercises which are designed for each individual. Don’t worry, if you don’t like exercising we always make sure they don’t take very long.
Not normally. With chiropractic care you can do all the things you usually do.
In most cases you will be able to work while you have care. It is our intention to get you back to work quickly so that you can do all the things you need to do in normal life.

Massage Therapy

We take great care to ensure your comfort at all times. Gentlemen are asked to undress leaving their underwear on and women are asked to wear a bra and underpants. Should you feel uncomfortable, let us know as we can modify the massage so you can be massaged with clothing on.
Deep tissue massage therapists are experienced at working at a level that gives you the most benefit at a comfortable level for you. You should have a relaxing and therapeutic experience.
This depends on your diagnosis; how long you have had the problem; and your goal. Most people are staying in the same life situations so often need more than one massage to make an impact.
You may feel deeply relaxed or energised depending on the type of massage you have. We recommend you stay for 5 minutes after your massage and have a glass of water to help you ease back into the real world.
Sometimes you may feel an ache like you have had a workout at the gym. This is a good sign as it demonstrates healing in the muscles.