5 ways to prevent Headaches

5 ways to prevent Headaches

5 ways to prevent headaches

We often tell our clients here at Inspired Health that headaches are not normal! 🤯 Having regular headaches is an indication that something is not working properly. Headaches are not something we should be experiencing every other day. Start with these small habits to prevent headaches from happening and to get on top of the problem.

Get checked out 1st

Headaches can be a sign of many problems and often there is more than one, making finding the cause tricky. Sometimes we can worry if a headache is life threatening. This is rare, but we alway recommend a check as it can be a sign of high blood pressure or other conditions. Always seek medical advice if you have a fall and hit your head.

Take note

Keep a headache journal ✍️. Write down when you get a headache, what time of day it starts, and where you feel the pain in your head. When you’ve gathered a few weeks of information, you can start digging deeper to see if there’s an obvious pattern or trigger. Think about what you were eating and drinking, if a monthly cycle is involved or how stressed you may be.

Cut back on caffeine

We know how good a cuppa ☕️ can be, but caffeine is a known trigger for headaches. Too much of it can cause a headache or even worsen an existing headache.

Get good rest

Life can get really hectic, and aiming for eight hours of sleep a night might sound ridiculous. However, not getting enough high-quality sleep 💤 can aggravate or worsen headaches. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day and speak to your doctor if you aren’t sleeping well.

Stress less

Stress is another known trigger for headaches. In fact, stress can cause just about any kind of pain and discomfort we experience 😱. Learn management techniques to get on top of your stress and try out activities that reduce stress, such as exercise and yoga.

Stay hydrated

A common cause of headaches is dehydration. Staying hydrated 💦 is another habit that can keep headaches at bay. We should try to keep a water bottle nearby as much as we can and aim for at least eight glasses of water per day.

Massage therapy 💆‍♀️ and chiropractic care are both excellent ways to treat headaches, relieve stress, and reduce acts and pains. For a thorough check book a consultation here contact us.

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