Adjusting back to normal… A guide to getting back up to speed with ease

Adjusting back to normal… A guide to getting back up to speed with ease

Our bodies are pretty incredible!

Over one lifetime, our bodies serve us in so many ways, changing as we age. But our lives also change to support us, as our work, families and activities change over time. This moment right now is no exception!

With most of us working from home lately, you might be starting the transition back to ‘normal’ life. That means that our bodies and lifestyles are changing yet again.

Right when we have started to get used to life under lockdown and find new routines, things are changing back again, and it can be a shock to your system. You might be experiencing lots of different emotions too, from relief right through to resistance!

Physically, our bodies respond to these changes.

This can present itself in lots of different ways, as muscles start stretching and being used in new ways again, or the nervous system becomes stressed – though it might also be more relaxed and healing depending on your experience of the current ‘normal’.

Whatever the case, our bodies deal with damage and change every day. Tissues can be damaged even on a micro level with repetitive movements, prolonged time spent in one position.

Here are a few tips for transitioning back to normal life in the best way possible:

  1. Give yourself time to plan out your new normal   ⏳ – take a few moments to really think through what your routine will look like, and mentally and emotionally process those changes. Use what you’ve learned during lockdown – were there particular things you missed? Or wanted to do more of? How will they feature in your new normal?

  2. Allocate time for self-care  🧘 ♀ ️ – whether it is meditation, journaling or just taking a pause in your day for a cup of tea, make sure you have time to reflect and notice any anxieties that might be cropping up. Many of us are anxious about going back to the old normal, so go easy on yourself.

  3. Maintain new good habits  💪 – you might have had the chance to start cooking more healthy meals at home or finding more time to exercise. These habits might have really served you well, so think about how you can keep them going for the long run!

  4. Let go of the bad habits  🙅 ♂ ️ – on the other hand, many of us might have started in on the comfort food, or lost our healthy gym habit! Don’t punish yourself. Just take it one step at a time to restart the good habits that used to serve you well.

Pay close attention to your body as you start up with old routines again.

Remember: even if your old activities were normally for you, a small change back to normal can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  🤕

Here’s where Chiropractic and Massage can help. We spend time learning about what your body does, and how the whole system is being affected by your lifestyle.

That means we can help prevent changes from turning into problems – we can help pick up on and notice things that are happening before you even know they are there.  💆♀ ️

So, take things one day at a time and ask for help where you need it! We’re here to support you on the journey of change ahead.  🙌

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