Feeling Low? Boost Your Mood With These Foods! – Part 2

Feeling Low? Boost Your Mood With These Foods! – Part 2

Feeling Low? Boost Your Mood With These Foods! – Part 2

There are so many foods that help us improve our mood, we have another list of wonderful ingredients you can incorporate into your diet to feel amazing this year. Just adding a few of these gems into your day can lift your spirits no end! 😁


This feel-good fruit 🍌 is loaded with vitamin B12 which is known to reduce the mood-related symptoms of PMS. It also helps synthesise neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, leaving you feeling happy and less stressed 😅.

Much like the whole grains we mentioned previously, bananas also help stabilise your blood sugar levels which help to control mood swings.


Man are we happy about this one! Chocolate 🍫, and specifically dark chocolate, is crammed with antioxidants that increase serotonin levels and protect against cognitive decline. Good news, right?!

Other than antioxidants, dark chocolate also releases compounds such as caffeine, theobromine, and a substance called N-acylethanolamine which has been linked to an improved mood.


Okay, we love this one 🥑 too. Not only is this fruit (yes, really) packed full of heart-healthy unsaturated fat and fibre, it’s also a source of folate which research suggests can reduce feelings of sadness and anxiety. Much like the fatty fish mentioned before, this superfood is rich in Omega-3.

Cottage Cheese

It depends on how you feel about this, but good old-fashioned cottage cheese provides loads of protein and tryptophan, linked to improving moods. Tryptophan also helps to promote relaxation 💆‍♀️ and improves concentration.


Dark leafy greens, in general, can positively impact your mood, but spinach 🥬 is specifically good at boosting serotonin levels and regulating our moods. Spinach has a high concentrate of nitrate which can contribute to reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

Sweet Potato

While it’s important to get a good amount of veggies 🥗 in your diet, sweet potatoes 🥔 are one veg you don’t want to miss out on. They contain niacin which is a mood booster that energises and invigorates. They also contain something called beta carotene which may reduce stress and anxiety.

As you know,  we all need a treat sometimes. But eating the right foods when we are fed up can really make all the difference. By just grabbing a banana, you will be giving your body a boost in the right direction.

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