Foods That Will Help You Heal Faster During Chiropractic and Massage Care

Foods That Will Help You Heal Faster During Chiropractic and Massage Care

Foods that will help you heal faster during chiropractic and massage care

It’s best to leave manual adjustment techniques to your chiropractor, but there are steps that you can take at home 🏠 that can improve your overall health 🙌 and extend the benefits of your chiropractic and massage care.

If you are a patient or thinking about going for chiropractic or massage care, it’s important to consider the foods 🥘 you eat while you are receiving treatment, as many foods can actually help you heal faster 😱.

Cut out artificial sweeteners

One of the most important things we recommend to our chiropractic patients is to cut out any artificial sweeteners and added sugar 🍩 from their diets i.e., cola and other sweetened beverages ☕. Artificial sweeteners are known for their effect on creating and aggravating inflammation. The great thing is that you often immediately notice an improvement 😁 in your overall health and well-being.

Ditch processed foods

We don’t expect you to start hardcore dieting 📏 or restricting yourself from eating certain foods. But, in addition to artificial sweeteners, we recommend eating less processed foods 🍔. Most packaged foods are processed, and these aren’t very good for you. They also cause and aid inflammation in your body.

What you should be eating

Let’s talk more about what you should include in your diet to help you heal faster 🩹 during chiropractic care:

Up Your Raw And Whole-Foods Intake

Eating more raw 🍅 and whole foods like fruits, veggies, and wholegrains will actually improve your chiropractic experience. Why? Not only do these foods make you feel better due to how nutritious they are, but they can also aid in the healing process. Raw and whole foods help fight inflammation and pain, and they help protect your muscles and ligaments from damage.

Introduce Olive Oil

Olive oil 🍶 is something you can include more of in your diet. It contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds, and this helps to reduce back pain. Extra virgin olive oil actually contains a similar compound to ibuprofen 💊. Do not cook with olive oil as it denatures and turns toxic! Use rapeseed oil instead.

Add Turmeric

Buried inside this common household spice is a powerhouse ingredient called curcumin. This active ingredient helps with joint inflammation and protects you from tissue damage. It’s time to enjoy your favourite curry! 🍛

More Green Leafy Veggies

The cells in your body need antioxidants like vitamin A and C to rebuild and restore themselves. Green leafy veggies 🥬 have loads of these vitamins (and more) in them as well as anti-inflammatory flavonoids.

Increase Your Broccoli Portions

This veggie 🥦 is a nutrient-dense machine. It contains magnesium which maintains muscle tone and bone 🦴density – it also plays an important role in muscle contraction and relaxation. It also has calcium, which we’re sure you know is essential to healthy bone mass. Broccoli is also packed with iron which has an important role to play in the production of myoglobin, a component of the healthy muscles that support your back. The vitamin C found in this wonderful veggie is needed for collagen production which aids in healing and keeps your tissue strong.

The Secret Behind Red Grapes

Red grapes 🍇 contain an ingredient called resveratrol, which blocks the response to inflammatory signals in some cells in your body. It also has antioxidant properties that protect and reverse cell damage.

Beetroot For Repair

This lovely veg can actually help repair the damage that inflammation causes due to its high levels of antioxidants. It also has big amounts of potassium and magnesium, which are great for reducing inflammation.

If you work to improve your nutrition while receiving chiropractic and massage care, you’re more likely to notice the positive effects of receiving care and to achieve long lasting results, as your body is now getting the nutrients it needs.

If you’d like to chat more about the connection between nutrition and chiropractic care, we’re all ears! Give us a call on 01245 699 152 or click here to get in touch.

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