Back To The Gym: 5 Secrets To Getting Back To Sport Quickly

Back To The Gym: 5 Secrets To Getting Back To Sport Quickly

Are you missing your favourite sports?

With gyms on track to reopen on July 25th, if you’re anything like us, you’re excited to get back to doing all the sports you love – but it’s important you do this without pushing your body too far or causing injuries.

While it’s great to keep doing the things you love, and to get back into a good exercise routine, re-adjusting after a period of inactivity can be tricky. Here are our 5 secrets to getting back to your favourite exercise routine, quickly and safely:


You don’t have to start at 100%! It’s best to start slow and phase in the activity you love to do. Start at 60% of what you normally do and build from there.

So, if you’re used to a 30-minute full speed run, spend longer warming up, and aim for 15-20 minutes initially. Slowly but surely, you’ll be back to the full swing of things in no time, giving your body the chance to get back into things without causing damage.


It’s important to concentrate on more than just exercise – our daily nutrition can contribute 80% of what we need to maintain a lean figure. Start by supporting your health regime with good food choices!


You might not notice the benefits of your exercise straight away. Give your body some time to re-adjust. Going back to playing sport has a bedding in phase of 7 days minimum to start enjoying it and feel the benefits again.

So, don’t give up!


While you might want to go right back to your previous fitness levels, you need to allow yourself time to reach your peak level again. This will probably take 4 weeks minimum to find that previous level and feel as though you’re progressing further than you were before.


If you find your old activities don’t hold the same appeal, or you just want to try something new, that’s not a bad thing! Just make sure to choose something you will enjoy long-term. Give your body the chance to get into it, develop the coordination and strength to enjoy it, and keep on exercising well into the future!

Take a steady approach and make sure you’re always paying close attention to what your body is telling you. It’s just a matter of time before your body will adjust, and if something big has changed, we can help.

Ask us today, and we’ll be able to give you the individual advice you need to get back to doing all your favourite sports and activities (or even find that new activity that gets you excited!).

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