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Holidays At Home: How To Stay Sane Back At The Ranch

Jul 14, 2020

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The summer is well and truly upon us! While most of us would normally be getting ready to go abroad for our summer holiday, this year things are a little different. 🏖

Many of us in lockdown have still been working non-stop, trying to manage childcare, or even have been furloughed and got fed up with being at home all the time!

Going abroad might not be the right choice for you or your family. So, what happens to that summer holiday you’ve been craving? What can you do to still get the most out of the holiday season, and enjoy your well-earned rest? 💆♂️





Time can feel a bit meaningless under lockdown, but that does give us time to plan ahead! Are you staying at home and doing day trips or travelling for a UK holiday? Either way, there are plenty of ways to still get the relaxation you need.

Get out the calendar (or use a free trello board to put all your ideas together on the computer Get the family involved and plan ahead so that you all have something to look forward to this summer. 🙌




Staying home doesn’t mean you literally have to be in the house all the time. You could simply incorporate a few day trips, to get the feel of a break without the risk of longer travel.

It can help to prepare at least 2 weeks in advance for day trips. Consider the latest guidance, what you are taking with you (packed lunches as shops may be closed), the estimated travel time and leaving earlier than normal to make your trip a success. 🚗




This requires careful planning, especially as many things are still in the process of re-opening. Check national parks and other information websites before you travel! 🌳

Travelling at night can help if possible, to avoid stressful traffic and extended periods stuck in the car. It is useful to look out for social distancing rules and find activities that are predominately outdoors at your destination. There are so many beautiful locations within the UK just begging to be explored.




I am sure you have noticed our kids in need of some serious entertainment after months at home. Arranging play dates a fews times a week can give them a change of scenery and you a break while keeping the childcare costs down. 😊




Creativity is king! Of course, you might be starting to wonder what else you can be doing from home to keep things fun and interesting with the family.

A great place to start is in the kitchen – download interesting recipes and cook something new regularly. This is a great activity for the whole family, as kids love to get involved! Share a meal together and make memories in the process 👩🍳.

Whatever you get up to, we wish you a super summer and a wonderful family break!

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