Here’s Why You Should Ditch Flip-Flops Forever

Here’s Why You Should Ditch Flip-Flops Forever

Here’s why you should ditch flip-flops forever

Now that summer’s here, you may be tempted to slip on a pair of flip-flops and go about your day 👡 . However, studies show that flip-flops are actually the worst thing you can wear when it comes to your spine and can even lead to lower back injuries and pain 😱.

How unsupportive shoes affect our back

Not wearing proper, supportive shoes can create problems in our feet, knees, hips, and lower back. Supportive shoes, such as fitted running or walking shoes, are some of the best options for lower back pain as they offer plenty of support. But this doesn’t mean you have to walk around in sneakers all day, there are plenty of specially designed sandals and shoes that are good for your back 👟.

Issues in our feet, created by shoes that don’t support us as well, have a knock-on effect on our knees and hips, affecting our back and exacerbating any underlying back or joint problems.

How flip-flops affect our posture

Flip-flops are also problematic when it comes to our posture. And, as we often say, poor posture can be the cause of so many issues. When we wear flip-flops, our pelvis tilts forwards, and our feet 👣 roll inwards, increasing unwanted pressure on our lower back. If our shoes cause us pain, we might stand in strange postures to compensate for this, making the problem even worse.

How flip-flops affect our feet

When wearing flip-flops, we’ll often use our toes 🦶️ to grip onto the shoes subconsciously. This can lead to issues within the joints in our toes and feet, including tendonitis or the dreaded plantar fasciitis. Plus, this can cause blisters – not fun!

The moral of the story is to invest in proper footwear 🥿️ and avoid flip-flops as much as possible. Opt for supportive shoes or orthopaedic sandals this summer. Stay tuned to our blog for more information.

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