National Bed Month: How to choose the right mattress

National Bed Month: How to choose the right mattress

It’s National Bed Month! 🛌

Do you know how important your bed is for a good night’s sleep?! 😴

A good night of rest is really essential to staying healthy and happy, so the bed you choose can make a huge impact. 💪 Without the right information, you can end up having more sleepless nights and waking up with an aching body.

A good night of rest is really essential to staying healthy and happy, so the bed you choose can make a huge impact

The right bed can be costly too 💰, so it’s important not to choose one that doesn’t really work for you.

Avoid all these issues and more by reading on!

What is a good type of mattress? 🤔

A lot of retailers recommend a firm mattress if you suffer with back pain, but you should always look for a mattress that keeps your back aligned while you sleep and relieves any pressure points along your spine and joints for general back health.

Don’t forget that you should always try a mattress before you buy – many online retailers now offer a trial period where you can return the mattress and get your money back if you don’t think it’s right for you.

Pocket spring mattress

Made from individual small springs that are each housed in their own pocket of fabric, pocket spring mattresses are more luxurious but also more supportive. Each spring can move independently, and this is where the extra support comes from. You can go for a soft, medium or firm option. They do tend to be more breathable than memory foam, which is good if you get hot in the night.

Pocket sprung mattresses are heavier to turn, but they are ideal for a bed catering to two people – the separate springs can cater to different weights and needs. Be aware that they can sometimes contain natural materials like lambswool 🐑 which can be an issue for some allergy sufferers.

Memory foam mattress

These are a modern kind of mattress made from a mouldable material called memory foam. This response to temperature and weight and has hypo-allergenic properties. As the name suggests, these mould to the shape of your body and can absorb your weight, while relieving pressure on your joints.

Memory foam can often be too warm 🥵, and not everyone likes the sinking feeling of this mattress type. However, it will help maintain a posture and align your spine horizontally when sleeping on your side.

A note on the types of mattresses: Many mattresses claim to be ‘Orthopaedic mattresses’ but this is simply to indicate that there is enhanced support in the mattress 💪. They can still be made either with pocket springs or memory foam, so think about the fabrication type you want first! There are also lots of hybrid types of mattresses, so be aware of this.

Which mattresses should you avoid? 🙅‍♀️

Open spring mattresses

Also called open coil or continuous coil, these mattresses have one long piece of wire metal coiled into lots of springs. There’s also a border wire to help provide the overall shape and structure of the bed. While these can be good value for money, they do tend to be less supportive.

This means they aren’t so suitable for your everyday mattress and are usually better for a guest bed or similar – a bed that isn’t used all the time. Even though they appear good value, they do need to be replaced more often if they are used regularly.

What kind of firmness should I choose? 💪

Firmness really depends on your preferred sleeping position, height and weight.

Soft: This is best for side sleepers or those who are likely to change positions during the night. This is because your movements and side sleeping already relieves pressure from your spine, so it’s best for your mattress to mould with your natural position.

Medium: Best for those who sleep on their back as you require a little extra lower-back support.

Firm: This type of mattress is best for those sleeping on their front – though this is not a good position to sleep in generally! It’s also ideal for those who are heavier than 15 stone or suffer with lower back pain, keeping your back in a stable position without you sinking into your lower back as you sleep.

How do you take care of a mattress, and often should you change a mattress? 💁‍♀️

When you get your mattress home, it’s a good idea to let it air out for four hours to remove storage smells, damp or cold. You should ideally air your mattress weekly by removing all the bed linen. Don’t forget that you should turn your mattress regularly too to stop dips forming or your weight altering part of the mattress, which can cause uneven sleep.

Keep a mattress protector on to keep things clean and prolong a mattress’s life. You should aim to replace your mattress every 8-10 years because it will slowly lose the support it gives you. If you’re waking up sore, it might be time for a change!

What can a couple do to choose a bed that suits you both? 👩‍❤️‍👨

Pocket spring mattresses are ideal for a couple with different needs. This is because the independently moving springs will adjust for each of your bodies. That way, both of you can benefit from the right support and get that much needed night of shut-eye!

Where can I buy a good mattress? 🛍

Beyond the old tried and true brands, there are lots of new companies offering easy home delivery, trials and removal of your old mattress as part of their service. This includes Simba Sleep and Eve Sleep. These brands all offer hybrid mattress types which are more manoeuvrable, making them easy to get up the stairs or around tight corners.

Ultimately, the right bed is personal to you. Make sure to try before you buy it and send it back if it isn’t working for you. With the right bed, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed!

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