Ways To Support Your Spine Every Day – Part 2

Ways To Support Your Spine Every Day – Part 2

Continuing from our previous newsletter in December, there are many ways you can support your spine every day, and it is often simpler than you think! 😃 

Lift The Right Way

Lifting heavy objects 📦 the wrong way is a common cause of back pain. The best way to avoid hurting your spine is to do more than just use your knees 🦵when you lift. When you’re lifting something heavy, it is best to lead with your hips rather than your shoulders, to keep your chest forward. 

Carrying a bulky laptop 💼 bag, suitcase 👜, camera 📷, or even a load of groceries can put your spine under strain. Whenever possible, take some weight off your shoulders by carrying less and by distributing the weight of what you’re carrying to both sides of your body. 

Change Your Shoes

Squeezing into fashionable shoes 👠 may not only be uncomfortable for your feet, but it can also be bad for your spine. Wearing comfy, low-heeled shoes 👟 reduces the amount of strain you’re putting on your back while you are standing. Anything less than a one-inch heel is best for your back. 

Take A Walk

Other than the types of exercise mentioned above, walking 🚶‍️ is a fantastic way to support and care for your spine. Believe it or not, a light stroll may even help to alleviate any back pain or discomfort you may be experiencing. 

Walking strengthens your all-important core muscles, nourishes your spinal soft tissues, increases flexibility, improves your balance, and promotes a healthy bone structure 🙌. 

If taking regular walks is not part of your current routine, we recommend that you start small with an eight to ten minute walk each day. You can build up the length and pace of your walking each week. 

Try Yoga or Meditation

A great way to encourage good posture and strengthen your core and back muscles is to do some yoga 🧘‍️or pilates. These forms of exercises are a fantastic way to promote the health of your spine. Even if yoga isn’t your thing, simple stretches can keep your ligaments and muscles flexible as well as send more blood and nutrients to your spinal column. 

Believe it or not, meditation 🧘‍️ is also great for your spine. Research has shown that meditation can provide effective relief for back pain. There is quite a variety of meditation options that you can try, you don’t only have to sit cross-legged and chant.  

Eat Your Way to Spine Health

Did you know that what you eat 😋 makes a big difference to your spine’s health? By choosing the right foods 🍉, you can support your spine every day through what you eat. It’s important that you get enough vitamins and minerals, like calcium, as they improve the health of your bones. Vitamin D is crucial to the absorption of calcium, so it’s essential that you are getting enough of this vitamin too. 

Try including more leafy green veggies 🥬, nuts 🥜 and seeds, avocados 🥑, and even dark chocolate 🍫 (yay!) in your diet. If you suspect you may have a vitamin D deficiency, be sure to consult your doctor️. 

You can protect and support your spine in many ways each day, whether it be through the physical activity you do, or doing less of something that may damage your spine. Many of the choices you make in your daily routine can truly impact the health of your spine – be sure to make the right ones!  

Still have questions on how to keep your spine healthy? Give us a call on 01245 699 152, email us at, or tap the button below 👇, We’d love to chat more! 

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