Your Back to School Checklist!

Your Back to School Checklist!

Yippee… the kids are going back to school! 📚

After all this time, the kids are finally returning to school as normal, and that means it’s time to check in and ensure they’ve got everything they need for another school year.

While we don’t usually think of kids as being prone to back pain, they can definitely suffer from this! Not to mention that the everyday habits of children form the basis of how they will develop and grow 🌱 into adults. Setting in place good habits and having the right equipment is especially important for growing bodies!


Backpacks are worn every single day at school, so it’s important to make sure your child has the best bag for them, and they are using it correctly!

Start by picking a bag with good solid straps and plenty of padding. Make sure your child has a bag that is proportional to their own height and weight, and that it doesn’t get overloaded with too many items 🎒.

Too much weight in the backpack can strain the lower back as we overextend or can strain the neck to compensate for the heavy load!

Make sure that your child doesn’t just sling it over one shoulder – keep the straps on both shoulders to reduce the risk of a curve in the spine.


Walking to and from school is a great way to get good daily exercise in for your child! But walking – especially with a loaded backpack – requires the right shoes.

Choose shoes with good arch support. This will help support the ankles and knees and keep them in the correct position while walking and going about everyday activities. The right choice here will help reduce the risk of wear in the knees in later life!


In Chiropractic, we look at the body as a complete system. That means giving the spine and nervous system the right support through other healthy lifestyle choices as well!

Choose healthy snacks like fruits 🍓 and veggies for a longer, more evenly release of energy throughout your child’s day, instead of sweet treats, which tend to give short bursts of energy only.

The right snacks can help improve concentration in class, too. Also ensure they are drinking enough water throughout the day, by giving them an adequately sized water bottle (or encourage them to refill throughout the day). Hydration is also really important for brain function and keeping the body working well.

With the right ingredients in place, your child will go back to school ready to thrive both inside the classroom and out! Always feel free to ask our advice on backpacks, or any other health concerns you might have for your child. At Inspired Health, we care about the health of your whole family!

Wishing you and your children all the best for the new school year!

Alex and the Inspired Health Team xx

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