Happiness is a state of mind…

Happiness is a state of mind…

…Or is it? 🤔

Sometimes, happiness can feel completely elusive and other times it is there all the time. Why is this?! Happiness feels like this mythical state of being. So, is there anything we can do to be happier? 🙃

Definitely! 🙌

Here are a few ways you can have more happiness in your life.

Understand your wellbeing begins on a chemical level 🧪

Our body runs on chemicals, which help the body function. When our chemicals change, our state changes. We feel differently. We all know the effects of chocolate, coffee and alcohol – they’re powerful mood changers! 🍫

Long term, however, these effects aren’t positive. Too much alcohol or caffeine really interferes with other important parts of our health, like the way our organs function or the way we sleep. 😴

There are four main chemicals in the brain that affect happiness: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Dopamine helps create habits and is associated with the satisfaction we get when we check off tasks from our to do list, or when we reach small goals – this is what is triggered when we scroll social media as well! But you can use this chemical in a much more positive way. 💁‍♀️

By creating a habit of doing exercise, for instance, we get the great effects of dopamine each time we achieve a small goal, like going for a workout, walking an extra mile, or doing an extra push up. Setting yourself regular small goals and ticking them off is a huge boost for your dopamine levels and your overall happiness. ✅

Then we have oxytocin, which is all about being social with trust and loving feelings, and serotonin, which is about pride and status. This is why we need to include plenty of social time, laughter and warm interactions with loved ones into our regime for greater happiness. 😁

Endorphins, on the other hand, are known as the ‘natural painkiller’ – by getting outside in the sun and doing your exercise, you help keep these great chemicals flowing and producing positive effects on your mood! 🏃‍♂️

Give yourself a chance to feel progress is happening 💪

Further to what we were saying about dopamine, feeling a sense of progress in our lives is really important for big picture happiness, as well as specific day to day happiness. Tony Robbins says that progress equals happiness. 😄

Moving ahead on a project, finishing a book you are reading, completing a task at home, even if it is tidying a space or doing a load of washing, can all help use feel as though we have moved forward and done something we needed to do. 📚

Finishing things helps us feel accomplished, whether it is great or small. Use this to your advantage. Give yourself small steps towards your goals, and make them achievable, so you can get things ticked off the list. Don’t make your list too long though, as you can get bogged down. Choose priority items and work to tick them off one by one. 🙌

Pay attention to your mindset 🧠

Our environment is our biggest distraction in life, and often triggers negative behaviour in us.  This is especially true when we are tired or have too many things going on at once. Paying attention to your mindset in these times is really important. Stress can have a cumulative effect. So, make sure to give yourself time to check in with yourself, your mood, and what is going on for you emotionally. 🧘‍♀️

Take 10 minutes out of your day, each day, as a time to sit and reflect. No interruptions, no phones, no talking. This will help recentre you again, align with yourself and your values, and get ready for any changes or challenges that may come. 🌈

Your mindset is also affected by your general attitude to life. Having a laugh is important. Not everything has to be hard or scary! By learning not to take life too seriously, seeing the funny side in the moment, appreciating our mistakes and sharing time with loved ones, we find an attitude and a mindset that is more easy-going and forgiving. 😋

So, happiness isn’t just in the mind, but the mind goes a long way towards setting the scene for our happiness. Keep in mind the physical ways you can support your chemical balance, look for opportunities to grant yourself a feeling of having made progress, and be aware of your attitude and mindset in life to unlock greater happiness each and every day.

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