Managing stress and anxiety

Managing stress and anxiety

This year has been a challenging one and if you are a worrier there has been a bit more to think about than normal.

At Inspired Health, we know how much the mind and body are linked. If you feel good mentally, this is usually reflected physically too.

So, it’s time to take our mental health seriously, not just our physical health. 🧠🏃‍♂️ When we feel better our whole health benefits.

That’s why this week we want to talk to you about the differences between stress and anxiety and what techniques might help you feel better.


Stress is our ‘fight or flight’ response to real or imaginary events. This is a primal response by our nervous and endocrine systems to get us out of danger fast. We experience this response from small events that can stack up or large events that continue for an extended period of time.

Stress can usually develop when we have don’t have resources to manage something. It could be that we are overwhelmed, are doing something we don’t have experience in or our circumstances have changed in a way that we didn’t expect or don’t feel in control of. It can lead to depression or anxiety, as well as affecting physical problems in the body like blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and our natural healing processes. Therefore, we don’t want it around for long.


Anxiety is the feeling we get when we worry, feel tense or afraid about something, usually in the future😨. It’s a natural response to threat, but sometimes this can occur when a threat doesn’t exist or has long since passed. Our brain anchors an event into our subconscious mind and runs it again without invite or triggers it when we are in an environment with the same set of circumstance.

Anxiety becomes a particular problem when it impacts on the way we want to live. If anxiety goes on for extended periods, is intense (panic attacks), or seems out of proportion to the situation at hand it may be time to seek help!

Getting Help

There are many ways to address stress and anxiety. It’s important to start with a thorough evaluation of what’s going on for you and how you are experiencing things. Everyone is different and it is important to understand what you personally need.

A mix of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, coaching and hypnotherapy can help manage what you’re going through 💁‍♀️. Each of these techniques looks to understand how our brains are processing stress and creating patterns of behaviour that might be contributing to your symptoms or how we feel.

NLP and coaching help by finding resources that your already have and developing new ones so that you have a long term strategy to conquer your fears and master new challenges with ease. 💪

Hypnotherapy helps relax the body and mind and fast track the process to change without the need to talk things through too much. It offers a hotline to the subconscious brain 💆‍♂️, to help overcome limiting behaviours, break free of the loop of stress or anxiety and simply feel better.

If you would like to fast track your way out of stress and anxiety please take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation with Lorna (our new stress and anxiety specialist) at Inspired Health. Give us a call or email us on to set up a time and start making changes that will impact both your physical and mental health for the better!

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